Fully Inflatable Shade Structure

At last! A Shade Structure that is cost effective, 100% safe and looks good too!

  • No heavy steel posts & associated foundations
  • Easy to relocate
  • Outstanding protection of your Jumping Pillow or playground
  • Cost effective/Easy to maintain
  • Easily Portable for special event

Two standard sizes available to suit Jumping Pillow coverage:
1. 39ft wide x 56ft long to cover Jumping Pillow size 4 &5 $20650 + installation
39ft wide x 76ft long to cover Jumping Pillow size 6 &7 $24650 + installation

Any size or shape is available - quotation specific to requirements.

When comparing price you need to take the size and position of the posts into consideration e.g. To cover a Jumping Pillow with traditional structures, you cannot have the posts as close as they would present a danger, this can be said about most projects. I invite you to compare! Phone any traditional Shade Supplier and ask for a price on a structure 50ft wide x 84ft long x 17ft high - then you can compare that price with our standard size 2 structure at $27775.00. Don't forget to get the cost of installation! It will run you at 6-$10000 and the total cost will be $35-$45000.

Airshade structures for Jumping Pillows USA:

We are proud to announce the release of our latest shade structure innovation, specifically designed (but not limited to) to cover Jumping Pillows. Just turn on your blower to inflate your jumping pillow and create a well shaded environment for young and old to enjoy the bounce of a Jumping Pillow without the burn of the Sun!

Airshade structures are supported by 1200mm dia inflatable columns to create a frame that carries two shade sail segments. Installation is a breeze, the commercial grade PVC has a UV warranty of 5 years and a shade cloth warranty of 10 years. The structure will last much longer if properly cared for. The materials have been tested in the harsh Australian environment and will provide years of trouble free enjoyment.

Contact Gary Wakerley on 774 289 1085 or E-MAIL me.

Each Column extends 16" below ground level and is filled with sand up to ground level.
The weight of the sand in each column anchors the structure providing a 'High Wind' rating. The columns can also sit directly on the ground with weights placed inside each column if you wish to make your AirShade portable. An air extraction fan reduces the AirShade making it easy to fold up and transport.

The new AirShade offers a long list of benefits, but at the top of the list is the fact that there are no steel poles or wire whatsoever making it 100% playground safe. The AirShade skeleton is fully inflatable and made from tough UV resistant PVC canvas and features the latest in ultra strength and long lasting shade mesh.

Although designed for the Jumping Pillow application, the AirShade can be produced in any size and shape making it ideal for all playground and other shade applications, soon a range of sizes in triangular and hexagonal shapes will also be featured. The structure is high wind rated (you can also just deflate it to ground level), it is a breeze to install, easy to repair, easy to re-locate, has no steel posts or associated foundations, comes with a long warranty and is 30-45% less cost compared to traditional shade structures.

Shade Structure

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